Hill Climb Racing 2 Download APK Current Version Mod 2022


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Race uphill in this epic online multiplayer car driving game!
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Hill Climb Racing 2 Download APK Current Version Mod 2022

From the Creators of the original Hill Climb Racing comes Hill Climb Racing 2! It’s Bigger, It’s Better And It’s Much Much Funner!?

Hill Climb Racing 2 is an online multiplayer racing game with dozens of tracks, vehicles and character customizations at your fingertips. Race uphill against millions of other players from around the world!

Feature List:
● Unlock over 20 vehicles – from cars to trucks, scooters and even the crazy rotator!

Drive your way through the trophy road and compete in exciting cups with your vehicle of choice. Drive uphill with over 20+ different vehicles to unlock and choose from, pick the best one to climb that hill!

● Upgrade Your Vehicles!
With over 16 unlockable parts to choose from, collect and combine these parts on your vehicle to improve your performance! Mix the upgrades in unique ways to maximize your driving capabilities and race to the top!

● Customize Your Car And Your Character!

Earn and unlock a variety of customization options for both your avatar and your garage of cars! There are thousands of combinations at your fingertips.

● Classic Adventure Mode

The popular up hill ‘adventure mode’ from Hill Climb Racing 1 also makes it’s return in this sequel! See how far you can drive in this endless race mode with it’s unique physics engine.

● Team Up With Your Friends Online & Compete!

Create or join a multiplayer racing team and see how high in the seasonal leaderboard you can reach. At the end of each monthly season there are great rewards up for grabs. Which season rank will you and your team climb to?

● Arcade Fun And Stunt Tricks!

Perform Stunts, flips and wheelies or crash your car trying! With our unique physics based car simulation you can pull off daring stunts that other car games can’t compete with!

● Race Up Hill To Win In Multiplayer Races!

Battle it out and race to the finish line in the quickest time possible against players from around the world! The Cup’s mode will have you driving and competing in multiplayer games across hundreds of different levels.

Remember that we’re always reading your feedback and are hard at work creating new original content for our racing games: new cars, bikes, trucks, cups, levels and features for Hill Climb Racing 1 & 2. If you find a bug or have a crash let us know so we can fix it. We really appreciate it if you’d report what you like or dislike and any issues you may have with our driving games to su[email protected], please include your device make and model.

Follow Us:
* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fingersoft
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/HCR_Official_
* Website: https://www.fingersoft.com
* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hillclimbracing_official
* Discord: https://discord.com/invite/fingersoft

Terms of Use: https://fingersoft.com/eula-web/
Privacy Policy: https://fingersoft.com/privacy-policy/

Hill Climb Racing™️ is a registered trademark of Fingersoft Ltd. All rights reserved.

What's new

* Driftmas is here! - Seasonal music, splash screen, menus and events have come to Climb Canyon!
* New level theme: Overspil Fun Rig
* New cup: Delightful Diversions
* Added achievements for adventurer ranks
* Added the ability to see your own team ghosts or disable ghosts in team matches
* New event types
* New Driftmas player looks: D. Knacker & his Driftmas Rally
* Various bug fixes


4 comments on "Hill Climb Racing 2 Download APK Current Version Mod 2022"

  1. Sam S. says:

    I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years. If you like “trials” or just need a game to kill some time with no limit to how much you can play (no “timers” or “energy” or “attempts” except on special events or courses), well look no further! Looks great, super responsive controls, great progression system, no pay to win mechanics and skill based gameplay. I cannot recommend this game enough! Best mobile game I’ve EVER played, period.

  2. Cody Roberts says:

    As it pains me to give such a low review to a game I genuinely enjoy playing, so much to the fact that I was willing to make an in game purchase, I have too. I bought premium expecting to get the rewards from the trophy road only to be told I could not receive them and that I am “responsible for user error”. The purchase was misleading by not stating everything involved and now I am supposed to eat a 5 dollar charge and not get what I originally hoped to acquire by making said purchase.

  3. F F says:

    Played for 2+ years now. It was a good game but it’s been tilted more and more towards the top .001% of players & YouTubers. Team events are way too difficult and frustrating. Lots of luck based tracks where you can’t see the map in front of you or your car reacts differently every time. It’s really demoralizing to see the new event come out and know that you have another week of pure frustration ahead. Not fun or exciting anymore. No wonder so many players are quitting. I would NOT recommend it

  4. [PR] Atlas says:

    So basically, amazing game. Most well thought out mobile game out there, and it’s free. There is so much to do. Weekly team events using different vehicles every time, real-time matchmaking against other teams in your division. Oh yeah, divisions exist too, how well your team does in team events determines how good of a division you’re in as well as how much rewards you get. Public events are cool too. Also, my favorite part is how you can check leaderboards for every vehicle on every map.

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